Academic Life


The Saveetha Engineering College has an excellent academic coordination methodology which has evolved over a period of more than 17 years and has been producing excellent results in terms of students pass percentage and university ranks.

The Teaching and Learning Method :

All academic information including daily lecture notes and important questions are updated on Website to be accessed by student from anywhere before they come to the class. As per the teaching and learning method, each of the departments focuses on continuous assessment of students throughout the semester and year through continuous internal accessment exams, assignments, model exams etc. The department continuously tracks the course coverage by the faculty, and plans for any extra classes to complete the portions in time. Students’ attendance and their marks in each are being updated daily in the college website for the parents view.

Supplementing the curriculum :

Each of the department organizes Guest Lectures by experts from industry and academia to address the students on the subjects to supplement the curriculum and also create awareness on the recent trends in the respective subject.

Feedback from Students :

The department collects the feedback from students on the respective faculty members of the courses to ensure that the students are comfortable with the teaching method and the faculty members. Any remedial action is taken in the teaching methods, if required.

Special coaching for weak students :

Weak students are identified during the above internal accessment exams, etc and given special coaching classes, special tests etc. Students who fail or do not perform well in the internal exams / model exams etc are counseled individually and the information is conveyed to the parents through personal contact over phone. Parents are requested and encouraged to visit the college and meet the HODs to discuss the wards’ performance.

Discipline of Students :

The College believes that discipline of an individual is the key aspect for success not only in studies but in any endeavor pursued by the individual. Discipline is enforced to students for regular attendance to college and attendance to classes which contribute to good academic results.

Expectations from the industry :

The experts from industry who employ the graduating engineers expect them to have the ability to apply science and technology, to synthesize all the theoretical knowledge gained, especially multi disciplinary knowledge and create a useful product. With the initial learning time of engineers joining industry increasing, the project work should be made effective to shorten the initial learning time of engineers joining the industry.

Project Excellence :

The College emphasizes to the students the importance of excelling in final year projects where students apply the knowledge gained over the under graduate program and develop and complete an engineering project as a team. This not only provides a good insight into the knowledge gained but also develops soft skills of the students and prepares them well for job in the industry or higher studies.

So subsequent to the syllabus, the Saveetha Engineering College has taken steps to improve the quality of student projects by

Encouraging and facilitating more in-house projects to be done by students in the campus facilities under the guidance of faculty members
Encouraging and facilitating students to do projects for specific organizations (eg ICF, NIOT) leading to the use of completed projects to be used by the organizations for a larger social cause
Installing the completed projects in the Saveetha Engineering College Labs for possible further work by next set of students and demonstration to visitors
Encouraging and facilitating the students to apply for patents, publish papers in national and international conferences and journals on the projects completed
Awarding the ‘best student project’ to one batch in each branch in the subsequent Annual Day