Saveetha Engineering College is selected as one of the eOUTREACH Programme Remote Center of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. This is an important initiative taken by IIT Bombay to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects, under the project, “Empowerment of Students & Teachers through Synchronous & Asynchronous Instruction.” This initiative is a part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supported by Ministry of Human Resource and Development. Under this project, IIT Bombay along with IIT Kharagpurconducts two-week ISTE workshops through distance mode using the EDUSAT network of ISRO and the AVIEW software using internet, for live transmission at various remote centers across the country, during the vacation period in summer and winter.

Eminent Visitors :

Prof.KannanMoudalya, NMEICT Project, IIT Bombay ( 2012 )

Mr. Hariharan , Project Coordinator. ISTE ( 10 April 2014 )

Dr. MuktaAtrey, Senior Project Manager, IIT Bombay( 2015 )

Dr. JaisheelaGaitonde, Project Finance Manager, IIT Bombay (2015)

Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe,Professor & Senior Project Scientist,IIT Bombay (Sep 2017)


IITB & IITK RemoteCenter

24 MHRD Funded Workshops / STTPs have been conducted
• Holding the Brand of our College being one among 7 Remote Centers in Chennai, among 47 Remote Centers in Tamil Nadu, among 320 Remote Centers in INDIA 
• Recognition as an Eligibility for any other IIT related Initiative, Fundings and Projects
• Opportunities to Network, Learn and have continuous interaction with Faculty and experts from IITs and Colleges across the country
• ISTE Certificates for Organising and Attending the workshop
• Well Appreciated by the Expert committee during NBA Approval Visit , AU Inspection Etc.

Aakash Project Center

246 Aakash Tablets received and being utilized
16 + 5 Android Projects developed & uploaded 
• Staff and Students lend and use Aakash as Learning Tool
• Students learn Android App Development
• Free Workshops and materials for Students and Faculty
• Aakash Clicker Application – Tool for Conducting Objective type Quizzes and getting results and statistics immediately
• Research and Project Development for improvingthe quality in utilizing Aakash for Education

Spoken Tutorials Nodal Center

Workshops for learning Free Open Source Softwares
• Spoken tutorials are 10 minute long screencast video recordings of computer sessions, which audio and visual means guides and instructs its users how to deploy and benefit from open source software. 
• Spoken Tutorials are created for self learning, and hence promote active learning and to bridge digital divide.
• Students, Faculty or anybody can learn one or more of the following: LibreOffice, Firefox, LATEX, Scilab, PHP, Python, C, C++, Java, Linux, OpenFOAM, OSCAD, GIMP and Blender. This list is constantly getting expanded.
• It improves their IT/programming/simulation skills.
• It improves their employment potential.
• The Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay, gives a certificate to those who pass an on-line test.
• About 690 of our students and faculty have benefitted out of workshops conducted so far.
• We have been selected as ST-Nodal Center for about 40 Colleges during Anna University QIC – Meeting 

Recent Workshops 

1.  Interactive session from IITB on new online admission procedure software on 24 March 2018 - 29 Teachers including 9 principals from Kendriya Vidyalaya attended the Session.





2. "Foundation Program in ICT for Education (Rerun of FDP101x offered in 2017)" - A-View Interaction Dates - 24,25 March 2018

3. "Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process" (rerun of FDP201x offered in 2017)-- A-View Interaction Dates - 12,13,26,27 May 2018


Past Workshops 

1. Two Week ISTE STTP on Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process (14 September to 12 October 2017)

2. Eight Week Blended Hybrid mode Course on “College to Corporate” for Students (4 September – 12 November 2017)                 

3. Two Week ISTE STTP on ICT for Education (03 August– 11 September 2017) 

4. One-Week ISTE STTP for Coordinators on Electric Power System ( 01-05 May 2017)

5. Two Week ISTE STTP on Introduction to Structural Engineering (04-09 January 2017 )

6. One Week ISTE STTP for Coordinators on CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio frequency VLSI Design (19 – 23 September 2016)

7. Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IIT Bombay on - Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning ( 02 May – 10 July 2016)
8. Two Week ISTE STTP on Engineering Physics (08 - 18 December 2015)

9. Two Week ISTE STTP on Technical Communication (08 October- 05 December 2015)

10. Two Week ISTE STTP on Environmental Studies (02 - 12 June 2015)

11. Two week ISTE Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on Introduction to Design of Algorithms (May 2015)

12. Two week ISTE STTP on Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education (January 2015)

13. Two week ISTE workshop on Control Systems (December 02-12, 2014)

14. Two week ISTE Workshop on Cyber Security (10-20 July 2014)

15. Two week ISTE Workshop on Computer Networking (June-July 2014)

16. Two week ISTE workshop on Computer Programming, (June 2014)

17. Two week ISTE workshop on Fluid Mechanics (May 2014)

18. Two weeks ISTE workshop on Signals and Systems (December 2013)

19. Two weeks ISTE workshop on Engineering Mechanics (December 2013)

20. Two weeks ISTE workshop on Analog Electronics (June 4 - 14, 2013)

21. Two week ISTE workshop on Database Management Systems (May 21 - 31, 2013)

22. Aakash Android Application Programming Workshop for Students ( 23rd & 24th Feb and 2nd & 3rd March 2013 )

23. Two day ISTE Workshop on Research Methods in Educational Technology (February 2 & 9, 2013)

24. Two week ISTE workshop on Thermodynamics (11 – 21 December 2012)

25. Two day ISTE workshop on Aakash for Education (Nov 10 - 11, 2012)

26. Two Week ISTE workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies (25 June - 04 July 2012)


A-View Coordinator : Mr. G. Jothiprakash, System Admin / SU