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Dept of EEE One Day Workshop on “Product Development using PIC Microcontroller”
was conducted on 28th& 29th August 2018

One day workshop on Solar Plant Design using PVSYST

The target audience were students of final year EEE

Resource persons
Mr. S.Selvakumar , Technical Specialist, ABB Global Services Limited
Mr. A. Karthick, Assistant Professor, Larsen and Toubro

Various topics including calculation of Load and the required solar panels to support that load and the cost of installing the required solar panels were discussed

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Detail of the Program : Expert Lecture

Name & Details of the Expert :

Mr. V. S. Sri Raja Balaguru

Head Quarters/Projects/ TANGEDCO,
Title of the Lecture : “Present Scenario of Renewable Energy
and Renewable Energy Integration”
Date & Time : 13.02.18 & 9.30 to 11.30am
Target Audience : Final Year EEE Students


IEEE Sponsored

Third International Conference on
"Power, Control, Signal and Instrumentation Engineering ”
(ICPCSI 2017)
on 21-22 September 2017

Chief guest: Dr. Nizammudin Yetdin, Dept of CSE, Turkey
Dr.Mohammad bin Ibrahim, UTM, Malaysia



 One Day Seminar on Product Development using Embedded System

 Chief Guest: Mr.R.Purushothaman , CEO and Founder,EPRLABs Chennai



2nd International Conference on Power, Control and Instrumentation Engineering

conducted on

30th April, 2016.

Dr Seshadhri Srinivasan,

Researcher, Berkeley Education Alliance for Research, Singapore

was the Chief Guest and delivered the Keynote address

Conferences organized

International Conference on Power, Control and Instrumentation Engineering


28.03.2014 & 29.03.2014

Inaugurated by Dr. Rituparna Datta, Project Scientist, IIT-Kanpur. Totally 180 papers from various states and countries were received from which 85 papers were scrutinized and selected for presentation. Papers were presented under three broad areas of research (Power electronics, Power systems and Embedded systems) 

Valedictory on 29th March 2014 presided by Dr. P. PremKumar, Research Engineer, GE India Ltd, Bangalore.Dr.Prem kumar gave a guest lecture on robotics.



Second National Conference on Soft Computing Techniques


29.03.2012 & 30.03.2012

Inaugurated by Dr. G. Uma, Professor, AU, Chennai & Dr. K. Shanti Swaroop, Professor, IIT Madras. Totally 20 papers were presented in the area of recent trends in electrical engineering. Valedictory function on the same day was presided by Dr. S. Bhaskar, Professor, TCE, Madurai & Mr. D. Prakash Kumar,DGM, TANGEDCO



Details of conducting workshops, conferences, FDP and seminars



 Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering conducted a 2 days faculty development program on Building embedded systems with arm cortex- M MCUs on 29.10.2015 & 30.10.2015 with Mr. Shaik saifulla as resource person.
 Two days workshop ( 14.9.2015 & 15.9.2015) on Hands on training in PLC and SCADA with Mr. G.Sathya murthy as resource person.
 Mr. C. Obed otto, Mr.J.Anish kumar ,Mr. P.Sathya narayanan, organized 3 days workshop on Project building using arm cortex processor from 14.9.2015 to 16.9.2015.
 With Mr. G. Sathya murthy as a resource person we conducted Plant automation boiler, oil water treatment process & PLC programming workshop on 28.8.2015.
 Mr. K.Sampath and Mr. Debi prasad nayak handled the sessions on Embedded system design workshop on 16.7.2015 and 17.7.2015.
 Hands on training in PLC with Mr. G.Sathya murthy as resource person on 06.3.2015.
 Mr. A.Parthiban conducted a workshop on Make objects, gadgets & robots on 27.2.2015.
 Dr.R Gabriel germans handled a guest lecture on the Thermal generation.


 Two weeks ISTE workshop on control systems from 02.02.2014 to 12.02.2014 handled by prof.Siddhartha mukhopadhyay & prof.Tapan Kumar Ghosal.
 Mr.B.Venkatesan conducted a guest lecture on Energy generation , transmission and distribution on 21.08.2014.
 Faculty development program on Application of MSP 430 microcontroller on 20.02.2014 and 21.02.2014 with resource person as Mr.Jeevan Kataria.
 Dr.P.Premkumar conducted guest lecture on Robotics on 29.03.2014.
 Dr.Rituparna Datta conducted guest lecture on The Rope bridge on 28.03.2014.


 Mr.J.Anish kumar conducted workshop on Pic microcontroller on 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th of September 2013.
 Workshop on Arm Processor on 02.08.2013.
 Workshop on Emerging trends in embedded systems which was precided by Mr. Sampath and Selva kumar on 30.07.2013.
 Guest lecture on C-programming conducted by Mr.K.Anand on 08.10.2013.
 Mr. A.Pandiarajan conducted guest lecture on Substation testing and commissioning-challenges on 30.07.2013.
 One day workshop on Electronics Rally which was organized by Mr. Purushothaman and Mr. Premkumar.


 Two days workshop on PLC and SCADA on 24.07.2012 and 25.07.2012.
 Mr. V. Guru Prasad handled the workshop on Clean energy and Management on 05.07.2012 and 06.07.2012.
 One day workshop on the topic Arduino Programming was conducted Mr. R D Prakash on 19.07.2012.
 Guest lecture on Energy Conservation by Mr.V.Sreenivasan & Ms .P. Loganayagi on 16.10.2012.
 Dr. V. Rajini handled guest lecture on Renewable energy on 10.10.2012.
 Guest lecture on Operation of thermal power station conducted by Mr.K.Chandrasekar on 14.09.2012.