IT Facilities

Augmented with a modern computer center, the department offers the best and updated practical training. It is well equipped with 4 diversified laboratories including a dedicated laboratory for the Post-Graduate students installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of the students and covering the curriculum specified by the affiliated University, Anna University. All the computers in the campus, including those in the hostels and department are connected by means of a network so that the students from the hostel and the staff and students from different departments can have direct access to the facilities in the Computer labs round the clock. This college is one of the first to provide such a campus-wide network facility. The Computer Center has licensed packages to facilitate work in LINUX, WINDOWS.  Also, it has the commonly required latest licensed versions of ORACLE, VISUAL STUDIO AND MS OFFICE. All the computer labs are fully air conditioned with adequate centralized UPS backup. All the labs are equipped with all the softwares so that there is no hurdle for the student to work with. The laboratories include



We have a wide lab with 36 PC with Core i3 processor, having 500 Gigabyte storage capacity and RAM of 4GB and printer. This lab is equipped with Windows 7 Operating system, Turbo C/ C++ , JDK and Net beans, MS Office  and Visual studio 2010 which has VC++ ,.net and C# and .net, MAYA, Blender, 3d MAX, photoshop, flash. These softwares are utilized by the students for their programming laboratories such as Computer Graphics, JAVA programming. The lab has adequate centralized UPS backup.

Practical Courses Conducted:

Computer Graphics Lab

Computer Graphics Lab can make the students produce animated movies and can also can allow them to display time varying behivour of real,simulated objects. This has become increasing popular for scientific and engineering visualization. Visual studio 2010 is used to implement programs in OPEN GL. MAYA, Blender, 3d MAX, photoshop, flash are used by the students to implement their imagination and creative thinking through animation.

Java Lab

Java Lab enables students to get familiar with Java and OOPs Concept. In this lab inheritance and polymorphism concepts are used to create new classes that are built on existing classes. Interfaces and packages are used for Graphical programming to design forms. Multithreading concepts are used for improving processor performance by executing more threads simultaneously.



System Software lab contains 33 HCL systems  with intel core 2 duo processor having a storage capacity 160 GB HDD and 2GB RAM. This lab has a DVD writer. The students learn using Visual Studio VC++ and .net softwares. This lab is equipped with softwares like photoshop, netbeans, Rational rose, Vmware, Oracle 9.2,MATLAB,Appache Tomcat, Java, codeblocks etc. Students are allowed to do get hands on experience on these software so that they can learn as well as make use of it for their projects.

Practical Courses Conducted:

System software lab

System software lab helps the students to understand the working of a system in depth  in a more efficient manner through programming. It makes aware the students about the hardware available and how to modify it through software.

Object  Oriented Aanalysis and Design  lab

Object Oriented Aanalysis and Design  lab makes the students to design a given case study in terms of object orientation. He is made to implement the theory which he learns in his class room.

Web technology Lab

Through Web technology Lab the student is allowed to design website through basic HTML and other softwares which will be a great support for their future.




RDBMS contains 33 HCL busy bee systems  each having a storage capacity 160 GB HDD and 2GB RAM. This lab has a DVD writer. This lab is equipped with softwares like photoshop, netbeans, Rational rose, Vmware, Oracle 9.2,MATLAB,Appache Tomcat,Java, codeblocks etc. All these would be very useful for the students in implementing their innovative ideas from designing to animation and also flow charts.

Practical Courses Conducted:

Service Oriented Architecture Lab

Students learn  new technology  which is platform independent. They learn J2EE and . net platform through which  they get a hands on experience in advanced topics like Enterprise JAVA and component technology. Implementing this will have a positive impact in getting him a placement in an MNC.

Skill edge

Skill edge In order make the student keep in touch with the subjects through out all his years in the college he is made  to do programs from the subjects of his pervious semesters. This also helps him to innovative his project and get himself placed.

Programming and Data structures lab  

Students in this lab design the problem using object oriented concepts. They learn different types of data structures to gain knowledge about the storage in a system.  This helps him in increasing his creativity which in turn increases his problem solving ability.



This lab has softwares like photoshop, netbeans, Rational rose, Vmware, Visual basic, adobe reader, SQL+ and .net etc to name a few. Post graduate students make use of these software in order to innovate, design and implement their technical ideas to build their academic and social carrier.

Practical Courses Conducted:

Advanced Data Structures Lab

Data structures learnt in their under graduate course are extended and students are given in depth knowledge about the memory and the stogie capacity of the system. This will help in creating more efficient storage and memory capabilities of a system. This in turn will help them in pursuing their research.

Software requirement and design Lab

The students are made to design and program and develop applications in order to understand the latest technology in better way. In way they are tuned to give more app’s useful to the society as well as to industry.

Software testing Lab

In this lab the students test the application software in order to understand it better and can make use of it for their projects.

Socially relevant mini project

Students are made to develop mini projects which are socially relevant. Creating such application will help the society.


Students do their projects needed for completing their course. They make use of the lab for showing their implementation and simulation.