IT Faculty






Mr. A. Vijayaraj M.E., (Ph.D)

Associate Professor & Head

He has 15 years of teaching experience in various Engineering colleges. His area of interest includes OS, Networks & Data Structures and Algorithms. He has published 14 papers in International Journals and 10 papers in National and International Conferences. He is currently pursuing PhD in Anna University. He is the Life Member of ISTE &CSI.

Specialized in OS & DBMS ,Computer Networks


Dr.P.Latha M.E.,Ph.D


She has 17 years of teaching experience .Doctoral Committee member in various universities. She has published papers in 10 International Conferences and 12   International Journals.

Specialized in Wireless Ad-hoc network. Her area of interest includes Data mining ,Computer Networks, Computer Architecture & organization ,Mobile computing


Dr.G.Nalini priya M.E., Ph.D


Dr. G.Nalini priya has 16 years of experience in Teaching, Industry and Research. She is a member of IEEE, ISTE, CSI ,IET,ACEEE . She has published papers in 12 International Journals (includes Elsevier publications), 14 International Conferences and 15 National Conferences to her credit . Coordinator of IEEE sponsored LaTeX workshop , DRESTIN 2012,2013, 2014 and ISTE / IIT Bombay sponsored workshop on Computer Programming. Motivating the students to publish papers in peer reviewed conferences and Journals

Her research topics includes Data mining, Web mining, Artificial Intelligence ,Soft computing , Software Engineering, Computer Networks, MANET, VANET, High   Performance Computing. Social Networking ,Big Data


Dr. R. Meenakshi M.Tech., Ph.D Associate Professor

She has 9 years of teaching experience. She is a permanent member of CSI. Published two international journals. One international conference and two national conferences. Areas of interest is image processing and artificial intelligence

Mr. K. Suresh Kumar M.Tech.,(Ph.D)

Associate Professor

He has 11 years of teaching & 2 years of Industry experience. His areas of interest include Artificial Intelligence & Web Security. He has authored three Books . He has published papers in 10 International Conferences and 4 International Journals. He is the Life Member of ISTE &CSI.

He has specialized in OS , Mobile Computing and ,Information Security.


Mrs.M.Shobana M.E.(Ph.D)


She has 5 years experience in teaching. Area of Interest includes Mobile communication ,and Networks.

Specialized in Data Structures ,Networks and communication


Mrs.S.Vidhya M.Tech.(Ph.D)


She has 7 Years of Experience. . She has published papers in 7 International Conferences and 4 International Journals.

She specialised in OS and OOPS and has 8 years of teaching experience.


Mr.N.Velmurugan M.E. .(Ph.D)


He has 17 years of experience in the field teaching. He has published papers in 4 International Journals.  

Area of interest includes Data structures & Algorithms, OOPs, OOAD, Cryptography and Software design & Implementations. Invincible knowledge in C, C++ and OOPs.  Specialization in Cloud and Big Data. He is doing research in Security for Big Data in the Cloud Environment at Saveetha University. BEST  TEACHER award for the academic year 2008-2009. He worked as ZONAL OFFICER of Anna University of Technology, Chennai for conducting Theory and Practical Examinations under ZONE III (26 Colleges). Life Member of ISTE. Members of UACEE, IAENG, CSTA.

Mrs.R.Raja Ramya M.E.,


She has 9 years of teaching experience. She has published papers in 6 National Conferences   and 5 International Journal

.Her area of interest includes Data structures & Algorithms, Software Engineering, Cryptography and Network security, Artificial Intelligence.

Mr.S.Ilavarasan M.E.,(Ph.D) Asst.Prof(OG)

He has 7 Years of Teaching Experience. He has published papers in 3 National and 2International Conferences .

He has specialized in Operating system,Software Engineering,Formal Methods


Ms.N.Kanagavalli M.E


She has 3Years of Experience. . She has published papers in 4 International Conferences and 4 International Journals.

She has specialized in Software Engineering,software Metrics,Data Structures & Algorithms.


Mr.B.Sakthisaravanan  M.Tech


He has 6 month experience in software development and 5 years experience in Teaching.His areas of interest are Networking and DBMS. He has published papers in 3 International Conferences, 3 National Conferences, and 2 International Journals.

He specialized in Computer Networks, Computer Organization and Architecture, Graphics and Multimedia and Database Management Systems ERP,


Ms. R.V.Aswiga M.E Asst.Prof(OG)

She have published 14 international journals and 6 faculty development workshops.

Specialization in Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, VANET, Artificial Intelligence.Pursuing PhD in Anna University, Guindy,CEG.