Medical Electronics Facilities



The Medical Electronics Department INSTRUMENTATION LAB is highly equipped with excellent hardware and software facilities. This lab goal is to re-enforce theoretical knowledge with practice for students by building, testing, taking measurements on simple circuits and also to learn correct laboratory procedures and techniques.

This Instrumentation Lab course will enable the students to impart the working principle of sensors and transducer, Testing the response and plot the characteristics of different transducers , Interpret and analyze experimental results for RLC circuit, LVDT, speed and torque calculation for medical equipment drives, Calibrate the sensors/transducers , Study and interpret data sheets of different transducers to select the suitable transducer for particular application and safe operation, Understand the basic concepts and procedure for the measurement of SpO2, Skin temperature and respiration rate.
This Instrumentation Lab finally provides knowledge for students to get familiar with various transducers and signal conditioning circuits for the measurement of the vital physiological signals and its compatibility for any clinical measurements.


⦁ Strain gauge Trainer Kit
⦁ Loads for measurement
⦁ LVDT trainer kit
⦁ LVDT sensor
⦁ Thermocouple trainer kit
⦁ Thermocouple
⦁ Thermistor Trainer kit
⦁ Thermistor
⦁ RTD Trainer Kit
⦁ Thermometer
⦁ Heater with water bath
⦁ LDR, Photo Diode, Photo Transistor trainer kit
⦁ Light Source with Variable power supply
⦁ Piezoelectric Trainer Kit
⦁ Piezoelectric transducer
⦁ Vibration exciter
⦁ Wheatstone bridge
⦁ Kelvin‘s Bridge
⦁ Schering Bridge
⦁ Maxwell Bridge
⦁ Respiration inductance kit
⦁ Thermal imaging camera setup
⦁ Decade resistance Box
⦁ Decade Inductance Box
⦁ Decade Capacitance Box
⦁ X-Y Recorder
⦁ Voltmeter
⦁ Multi meter
⦁ Regulated power supply
⦁ Connecting wires Patch cards

⦁ Tachometer