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 One day Hands on Training on LaTeX 

February 4, 2017

              Dr. C. Chellappan, Former Dean of CEG, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai and Principal of GKM College of Engineering and Technology was the Chief Guest who inaugurated the Workshop. Dr. G. Nagappan, Professor/CSE, SEC and Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Asst. Prof/Maths, SEC were the Resource Persons.

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National Conference on Graphene &  Liquid Crystals on Smart Nanoengineering Applications (GLCSNA-2016)

November 7-9, 2016



A view at the reception


The chief guest ,Dr. S. Ganesan, Registrar, Anna University lighting KUTHU VILAKKU



Dr.Kaushik Pal, Senior Scientist & Faculty Fellow,Wuhan University, China  &

 Dr. Murugasen Ramaingam, Cresendo Consultancy, Chennai were the chief guest.



Dr. Arunachalam Lakshmanan, Dean, Research,  gave a talk on Harnessing a New Form of Atomic Energy through Volume Casimir Effect in Condensed Matter - Meta stable nano crystals trapping hydrogen  is the future source of atomic energy in green form. 

Some glimpses of GLCSNA – 2016  are attached below 

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An Initiative taken by S&H department to reach schools for cleanliness.

This banner is circulated in every possible school for CLEAN INDIA _GREEN INDIA



16 th Batch Inauguration Invitation